It's never enough one day to explore Tbilisi with its beautiful locations. 


Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum - Explore folk architecture from different regions of Georgia. It`s the best place for people who are interested in traditional architecture. The museum occupies 52 hectares of land and is arranged in eleven zones, displaying around 70 buildings and more than 8,000 items. The exhibition features the traditional darbazi-type and fiat-roofed stone houses from eastern Georgia, openwork wooden houses with gable roofs of straw or boards from western Georgia, watchtowers from the mountainous provinces of Khevsureti, Pshavi and Svaneti, Megrelian and Imeretian wattle maize storages, Kakhetian wineries (marani), and Kartlian water mills as well as a collection of traditional household articles such as distaffs, knitting-frames, chums, clothes, carpets, pottery and furniture. There are also an early Christian “Sioni” basilicafrom Tianeti and a 6th-7th century familial burial vault with sarcophagus. 

Sarajishvili distillery - Wine production in Georgia was introduced thousands of years ago, but the first Georgian wine brandy connected to David Sarajishvili’s name appears only in the XIX century. Become a part of the Georgian wine brandy’s continuous production cycle, as well as to see the history that has been preserved in the Sarajishvili warehouses and the wealth that has been created over time.  You will have a possibility to have a brandy tasting and explore the unique aroma and character of the real Georgian brandy.

The Chronicle of Georgiaa huge stone monument near Tbilisi sea created by Zurab Tsereteli, famous Georgian sculptor and architect. This place tells history of Georgia and gives spectacular views to surrounding vicinity. The monument sits at the top of a large set of stairs. There are 16 pillars that are between 30–35 meters tall and the top half features kings, queens and heroes while the bottom part depicts stories from the life of Christ. There is a grapevine cross of St. Nino and a small chapel. For Dinner you will visit local family who produces four different kind of wine.

Gardenia Shevardnadze -  You will be able to visit one of the most beautiful spot in Tbilisi, a lovely garden full of plants and flowers, with a small café,  where you will have a possibility to try best Georgian tea and tasty cookies.