Georgia or as Georgians call it SAKARTVELO is a great nation in the heart of the Caucasus region, with unique culture, rich history, delicious cuisine and wine, extraordinary beautiful nature and friendly people.
You have to discover Georgia! This wonderful country offers you magnificent, impressive and adventurous destinations.

Georgia is the oldest wine-producing country in the world, with over 500 native grape varietals and over 8,000 year old wine making heritage. Georgia's traditional wine making method of fermenting grapes in earthenware, egg-shaped vessels has been added to the world heritage list of the UNESCO. In Georgia wine is still being made in this way.

Views that offers the country will take your breath away - The highest peaks of Great Caucasus: Shkhara (5201m) Janga (5059m) Kazbegi (5047m) Tetnuldi (4,858m) , Ushba (4,710m) and others. A lot of waterfalls, natural reserves, lakes, canyons, lot of mineral water springs, sunset at the Black sea gives unforgettable feelings.

Explore the monasteries and churches dated even from IV century. There are preserved the mosaics, the mural paintings, metalwork and enamel. Visit an abandoned rock-hewn town, founded in the late Bronze Age, around 1000 BC or 12th century cave town, a lot of museums or medieval castles - here is everything for travelers.

Georgia has its own language - Georgian is the biggest Kartvelian language, and it is the only Caucasian language with an ancient literary tradition. It has beautiful and unique alphabet, which is among 14 unique scripts in the world.

Capital: Tbilisi

Language: Georgian (KARTULI)
Religion: Georgian Orthodox (main), Catholic, Muslim, Armenian Gregorian, Jewish
Population: 3,992,306

Time zone: GMT+4
Currency: Georgian Lari (GEL)
Driving side - right

Traditional Folk Song MRAVALJAMIER