Day 1:  Tbilisi City Tour 

In the morning at 9 am a representative of Travel Team Georgia will meet you at the hotel and take you to Tbilisi city tour.

Tbilisi is the charming and colorful capital of Georgia. During the city tour, we will visit the most interesting historical sights: Narikala Castle overlooking old city, sulfur spas, churches from the 5th century: Metekhi, Sioni Cathedral, Anchiskhati basilica 6th century, oldest surviving church in the city,  Konka ( old city train), Legvtakhevi Waterfall in old Tbilisi, cobbled streets with unique architectural houses and other remarkable places. 

We will also visit the National Museum of Georgia to explore rich archeological and ethnographic collections. Optional: Open air Ethnographic Museum or National Gallery. 

During the city tour, we will visit a work shop to attend and participate in felt or cloisonne enamel masterclasses. (duration about 1 hour). 

Lunch and dinner will be served in a popular restaurant with delicious dishes from traditional cuisine & live performance of Georgian singing and/or dancing. 

At the end of the day, representative will take you back to the hotel. 

Day 2:  Tbilisi – Bolnisi – Tsugrugasheni – Dmanisi – Tbilisi 

In the morning we'll drive to Bolnisi in Kvemo Kartli region. In the 19th century the colony Katharinenfeld was founded in Bolnisi by German colonist families.  There are still remnants of the German past in Bolnisi. A small graveyard and plaque acknowledges the German influence in the village. A small street called Mill Street has evidence of 19th-century German architecture and a few signs in German language.  

Visit Bolnisi Sioni, a Basilica church  built in the 5th century. It is the oldest extend church building in Georgia. It is known for its Georgian inscriptions. These are one of the oldest historical documents of the Georgian alphabet. 

Next destination will be Tsugrugasheni Cathedral from 13th century. Located on a mountain side overlooking the valley. In the construction of the cathedral color stones were used with extreme subtlety: warm yellowish golden, wine and blue color stones. The cathedral is decorated with rich ornaments. 

We will have a lunch and wine tasting at a local family wine cellar near Bolnisi.

After the lunch and speech with the host family, continue trip to Dmanisi Archeological Site, dated to 1.8 million years ago.  

In the evening Travel Team Georgia will bring you back to Tbilisi. 

Dinner at your leisure. 

Day 3:  Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Ananuri – Gergeti Trinity – Kazbegi  

In the morning we will explore an ancient town Mtskheta. It was the capital of eastern Georgia from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. Mtskheta was the site of Georgia’s adoption of Christianity. First we’ll visit Jvari monastery from the 6th century. It stands on the top of the rocky hill at the confluence of Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, overlooking the town of Mtskheta. Later we’ll visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral known as the burial place of Christ’s robe. UNESCO recognizes both as a World Heritage Site.  

 Lunch in Mtskheta. 

Later we continue our way to Ananuri fortified castle from the 17th century and a Jinvali reservoir with amazing nature around. Then continue trip through more and more mountainous landscape up to the valley to Gudauri ski resort, where we’ll enjoy the views to Great Caucasus mountains . After a view point and the travertine rock  road continues straight to Kazbegi, a small village located in the Caucasus mountains about 1600 meters above the sea level. Upon our arrival in Kazbegi, we will start hiking to Gergeti Trinity Monastery, located at the height of 2200 meters. It is a really beautiful trail surrounded with the dramatic view’s of the tall mountains and picturesque terrain.  

hike duration: 1.30-2 hours both ways

Optional: Driving is available if needed, about 15-20minutes.

After visiting Gergeti, representative of Travel Team Georgia will take you to the hotel for dinner and overnight. 

Day 4:  Gvelati Waterfall – Paragliding in Gudauri – Uplistsikhe – Ateni   

After the breakfast, you will be driven to Dariali Gorge to hike to Gveleti Waterfall. One of the most famous waterfall in Kazbegi. 

Difficulty: Medium. Duration: 1 hour forth and back. 

After nice hike, the way continues to Gudauri. Here you will have a paragliding experience. It takes about 20 minutes, you will be able to make a film while paragliding with professional pilot. 

Lunch an route.  

You will continue the way towards Uplistsikhe,  It‘s an archeological rock-hewn town, which once has played an important role in Georgian history. The place was founded in the late Bronze Age, around 1000 BC, and continued to be inhabited until 13th century AD.  

In the evening  check in a family wine cellar hotel in Ateni. Dinner with local wines will be served by the host family. 

Day 5:  Ateni – Gori – Kintsvisi – Borjomi 

First you will drivnen to Gori. The city is known as the birthplace of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Visit Stalin’s museum, a house where he was born and his personal train. 

Afterwards, continue trip to visit the monastery of St.Nicolas (Khintsvisi). It was built in 12th-13th centuries, where you will see the frescoes that survived to our days.  

Picnic lunch near monastery in a beautiful spot. 

After enjoying the picnic,  set out towards resort town of Borjomi. It is a place in a magnificent gorge, covered with wide deciduous and pine forests. The major wealth of the town is mineral water of volcanic origin known in the whole world for its therapeutic properties and considered a measuring stick in evaluating mineral waters. We’ll walk in Borjomi Historical Park and try mineral water from the spring.  Upon your desire, you could make half an hour hike in the forest on well beaten trail to enjoy thermal spas.  

Dinner and overnight in Borjomi. 

Day 6: Borjom- Karagauli National Park – Borjomi 

In the morning after the breakfast, you will have a hike to enjoy the beauties of Borjomi – Karagauli National Park. 

The trail starts in the Likani River valley where we come across rare species of yew, included in the Red List. After 2 km we will meet the national park map (930 above sea level) where the serpentine path goes along a mountain slope. The ascent continues approximately 3 hr. The scenery continues for an hour and then the route goes down to Kvabiskhevi valley by a steep descent, which starts 2 km from the trail. The trail is relatively hard. The descent continues for 40 min followed by the beautiful scenery of the Kvabiskhevi valley. The Kvabiskhevi valley is very beautiful in any season, and is distinguished by its biodiversity. 

Picnic lunch in a beautiful spot in the park.

Duration: on average 6 hr. difficulty - average

Day 7: Borjomi – Akhaltsikhe – Saro Fortress & Monastery - Khertvisi – Varzia 

In the morning you will be driven to Akhaltsikhe to visit - Rabati Castle. This is a medieval structure dates back to the 13th century. An ancient town Rabath, the small part of the old city represents the history of the region influenced by different culture throughout of its existence.  

After visiting Rabati Castle, way continues towards Saro Megalithic fortress dated from 2nd-1st centuries BC. You will see one of the oldest Meskhetian dwelling house.  After visiting Saro, continue you will meet our hostess. She is an excellent cooker and has a vast knowledge for local Meskhetian cuisine. You will enjoy lunch cooked by her. 

On the way to Varzia, you will visit Khertvisi Fortress from the 2nd century BC. Or make a short photo stop. Upon arrival in Vardzia,  check in the family hotel for dinner and overnight. 

Day 8:  Varzia – Paravani Lake - Poka – Tbilisi 

In the morning explore Varzia Cave Town. Vardzia cave town  founded by King Tamar in 12th century. The city included the monastery, where the monks living, famous fresco of King Tamara, dwelling caves, refectory, wine cellar, irrigation watering system, bell-tower, tunnels. 

Now part of a state heritage reserve, the extended area of Vardzia- Khertvisi has been submitted for future inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Later continue to Poka Nunnery, another amazing place. The nuns there will cook delicious lunch especially for you and taste their special cheese. They are specialized in producing cheese, honey, chocolate, handicrafts and other local products.  

Visit the church of St. Nino (11th century).  According to the “Conversion of Kartli”, St. Nino who arrived in Georgia from Armenia through Javakheti mountains came to stop right in this place to spread the Christianity in the 4th century.   

We’ll see Paravani, the largest lake in Georgia, which is located in the mountains of Samtskhe-Javakheti region, at an altitude of 2070 meters from the sea level. The lake has volcano-tectonic origin. The color of the water surface, cameleon-like varies depending on the weather conditions, from light blue to dark blue. 

Later drive back to Tbilisi for dinner and overnight. 

Day 9:  Tbilisi – Bodbe – Sighnagi – Tbilisi 

In the morning after the breakfast, you will head to Kakheti, eastern part of Georgia famous for its viticulture and wine making. 

First destination will be Bodbe Convent, The convent is famous for the grave of St. Nino, the most remarkable female figure in the early history of Christianity. Bodbe Monastery is among tall Cypress trees on a steep hillside overlooking Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains is really magnificent. 

The medieval walled town of Sighnaghi (the City of Love ) on the mountainside overlooking the fabulous Alazani Valley is a great place for exploring the Wine Route .

Sighnagi is famous with its narrow cobbled streets and districts, which are full of one or two storey houses with bright red tiled roofs and traditional balconies. During the city tour, we will walk on a historical wall from the 18th century. we’ll have a lunch in a local wine restaurant with nice views and taste different wines made in a Kvevri (Unique clay vessel using for wine making) 


  • Visit Sighnagi National Museum, the paintings of Niko Pirosmanashvili one of the most famous artist from 19th century. 
  • Horse riding tour in horse ranch (ride approx. 1 hour) 
  • Zip line activities
  • Paragliding

Later you will  visit a local family to have a traditional dinner with local Kakhetian dishes, family members will sing and toast for you. 

After a pleasant evening, Travel Team Georgia will bring you back to Tbilisi hotel. 

Day 10  Free Day in Tbilisi

Three hours before your flight, A representative of Travel Team Georgia will ensure your smooth transfer to Tbilisi International Airport for departure.

End of service