WELCOME TO GEORGIA (Duration 15 days)


Day 1 - Tbilisi city tour

In the morning, representative of Travel Team Georgia will meet you at the hotel and your adventure in Georgia begins.

First day you will explore Tbilisi  - the charming and colorful capital of Georgia. During the city tour, you will visit the most interesting historical sights: Narikala Castle - overlooking to Tbilisi, sulfur spas, waterfall in old Tbilisi, churches from 5th century: Metekhi, Sioni cathedral and Anchiskhati and other remarkable places.

During the tour, you will have a wine tasting in historical wine cellar in the old town.

After exploring the old city you will have a felt making masterclass.  Felt making in Georgia has a long historical tradition. According to archeological excavation, its fragments date back to second millennium B.C. 

After masterclass and dinner with traditional meals you will be driven to the hotel. 

Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 2 - Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum - Sarajishvili distillery - The Chronicle of Georgia 

In the morning representative of Travell Team Georgia will meet you at the hotel.

The day will begin with visiting the museum of ethnography, where you will be able to explore folk architecture from different regions of Georgia. 

Lunch you will enjoy in a traditional restaurant in one of ethno house with a nice view. 

After the lunch you will have a tour in the Sarajishvili distillery, which will give you the opportunity to become part of the Georgian wine brandy’s continuous production cycle, as well as to see the history that has been preserved in the Sarajishvili warehouses and the wealth that has been created over time

Next destination will be The Chronicle of Georgia - a huge stone monument near the Tbilisi sea created by Zurab Tsereteli, famous Georgian sculptor and architect. This place tells history of Georgia and gives spectacular views to surrounding vicinity. The monument sits at the top of a large set of stairs. There are 16 pillars that are between 30–35 meters tall and the top half features kings, queens and heroes while the bottom part depict stories from the life of Christ. There is a grapevine cross of St. Nino and a small chapel.

For Dinner you will visit local family who produces four different kind of wine.

Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 3 - Tbilisi - Mtskhta - Gori - Uplistsikhe - Tbilisi

In the morning, representative of Travell Team Georgia will meet you at the hotel.

This day you will explore an ancient town Mtskheta. It was the capital of the eastern Georgia from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. Mtskheta was the site of Georgia's adoption of Christianity in 334AD. 

First, place you will visit will be Jvari monastery – a 6th century Monastery. It stands on the top of rocky mountain at the confluence of Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, overlooking the town of Mtskheta. 

Later you will visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, known as the burial site of Christ's mantle. Both are recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. 

After the pleasant lunch you will continue way to Uplistsikhe rock-hewn town. The way goes through Gori,  a city in eastern Georgia. The city is known as the birthplace of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin (Stalin Museum – optional) 

Uplistsikhe is an archeological rock-hewn town, which once has played an important role in Georgian history. The place was founded in the late Bronze Age, around 1000 BC, and continued to be inhabited until 13th century AD. Between the 6th century BC and the 11th century AD, Uplistsikhe was one of the most important political and religious centers of pre-Christian Kartli. 

In the evening, during the dinner you will enjoy Georgian folk songs an dances.

Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 4. Explore historical Kvemo Kartli - Bolnisi - Dmanisi

In the morning, your guide will meet you at the hotel and your trip begins.

This day you will explore Kvemo Kartli Region, with its diversity and huge history.

First you will visit Bolnisi Sioni - a basilica which was built in 478–493. It is the oldest extant church building in Georgia. Bolnisi Sioni known for its Georgian inscriptions. These are one of the oldest historical documents of the Georgian alphabet. This church is the first Georgian building to have a completion date on the exterior.

Bolnisi municipality is also knowns as a German settlement. We will be able to see old German houses and church.

Kvemo Kartli region is famous by local wines. During the lunch in a local wine cellar, you will be able to try them with traditional dishes. Host will explain you all the details about winemaking prosses. 

Then we will visit Dmanisi archeological complex to explore ancient European settlement.  

Dinner & overnight in Tbilisi

Day 5  - Let's explore Kakheti - Sighnaghi - Tsinandali - Telavi

In the morning, your guide will meet you at the hotel. 

Kakheti is Georgia’s premier wine-producing area, famous with hospitality and historical monuments.

This day you will have a possibility to enjoy country’s signature wines – fermented from the whole grape  in a clay vessel called a Kvevri.

First you will visit historical wine cellar in a local farmers family. You will try their rare wines.

After visiting the winery you will be driven to medieval town Sighnagi on the mountainside with narrow cobbled streets, beautiful architecture. 

We will have a lunch in the local family. You will be able to try traditional Eastern Georgian dishes with Kvevri wine. Tamada (traditional toastmaster) will lead meal and you can enjoy Georgian folk songs by our host.

Afterwards, you will visit Prince Chavchavadze palace in Tsinandali - memorial house, a landscape garden, a historical winery and wine cellar. In Tsinandali the wine was first bottled in Georgia.  Chavchavadze’s collection of vintage wines consists of over 15 000 bottles, with the oldest dated with 1814. 

In the evening you will reach the capital of wine region - Telavi.

Overnight in Telavi

Day 6 -  Telavi - Cheese factory tour - Gremi - Kvevri makier's Studio - Family dinner with wine tasting

Georgia is famous not only by unique wines, but also cheese. 

This day your guide will lead you  local cheese small factory, where you will be able to have factory tour, participate in cheese making and enjoying different Georgian cheese tasting. You will have a light lunch at the property. 

Next destination will be 16th century architectural ensemble of Gremi. It is very important historical monument in Georgia. You can go up to the top of the castle to get the panoramic view of the Alazani valley.

Afterwards you will visit the studio of the Kvevri maker, where we will see the clay vessels, which have been created over centuries and is used in winemaking even nowadays. You will have a Kvevri wine tasting at the host family. 

Afterwards you will visit Alaverdi monastery, masterpiece of Georgian architecture from 11th century. 

For dinner, you will visit young wine maker who originally comes from the mountain region Tusheti and makes the wine by Kakhetian method. We will taste Tushetian special dishes and his wines. Here you will have a possibility to have a cooking masterclass. 

Overnight in Telavi

Day 7 - Tianeti pass - Kazbegi 

In the morning guide will meet you at the hotel.

Through the Taneti pass you will be driven towards Kazbegi, an amazing nature around will make you pleased during the way. 

After visiting Jvari Pass Travertine Natural Monument at 2197 meters above the sea level you will continue way through mountainous landscape up to the valley. Kazbegi - a small village located in the Caucasus mountains about 1600 meters above the sea level. Upon our visit to Kazbegi you will dhave a hike to Gergeti Monastery - located at the height of 2200m. with the dramatic views of the Kazbegi peak. It's a third tallest peak of the great Caucasus mountains and picturesque terrain. 

Optional: instead of hike you can reach Gergeti by car.

Overnight in Kazbegi

Day 8  - A new adventure begins: hiking, rafting, cave town, wine tasting

In the morning, guide will meet you at the hotel and you will be driven to Dariali gorge to hike to Gveleti waterfall. It is one of the most splendid waterfalls in Georgia. 

After hiking you will continue the way to Ananuri fortified castle of XVII century. Not far from Ananuri you will reach rafting base camp. You will have a a safety training before enjoying rafting on the Aragvi river.

Afterwards you will enjoy pleasant lunch, you will continue way to visit Uplistsikhe. It‘s an archeological rock-hewn town, which once has played an important role in Georgian history. The place was founded in the late Bronze Age, around 1000 BC, and continued to be inhabited until 13th century AD. Between the 6th century BC and the 11th century AD, Uplistsikhe was one of the most important political and religious centers of pre-Christian Kartli.

For dinner and overnight, you will visit local wine cellar and hotel  in Ateni Gorge, where you will be able to try traditional wines from Kartli region.

Day 9  - Kutaisi and surrounding

In the morning,  when you meet the guide you will visit Ateni Sioni Church of early 7th-century. Some frescoes from the 11th century are still visible and amazing. It is located in very nice gorge of the river Tanie.

Next destination will be Kutaisi , which is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and the third-most populous city in Georgia. 

After arriving in Kutaisi we’ll visit  Prometheur cave - one of Georgia’s natural wonders providing visitors with breathtaking examples of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, underground rivers, and lakes. 

Kutaisi is also known by Gelati Monastery* - built in 12th century and is important for its architecture, the mosaics, the mural paintings, as well as metalwork and enamel. There is the oldest historical academy on Monastery territory and the burial place of great Georgian kings.

Overnight in Kutaisi

Day 10 - Svaneti experience

In the morning, your guide will meet you at the hotel.

This day you will visit Svaneti to explore amazing High Caucasus mountains. 

On the way to Mestia (town in Svaneti) you will visit Prince Dadiani Palace and Museum in Zugdidi and enjoy delicious Megrelian Lunch in local restaurant.  

Mestia has always been regarded a chief community of Upper Svaneti province. Mestia was an important center of Georgian culture for centuries and contains a number of medieval monuments, such as churches and towers, included in a list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Upon your arrival to Mestia, you will check in the guesthouse for a bit relax. After refreshing up, your guide will give you options: to walk around the town and explore its surroundings or visit museum where you will see lot of historical artefacts.  

You will have traditional Svanetian dinner in a local restaurant.

Overnight in Mestia

Day 11 - Mestia - Ushguli - Mestia

In the morning your guide will drive to Ushguli. It is a fabulous road with its beautiful views. A small village located in the Caucasus mountains at the elevation of 2200m above the sea level. It is one of the highest inhabited village in Europe and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage site. Ushguli is the most beautiful highlight of Svaneti region, full of historical towers and houses. When you will get there, you will start exploring the settlement and visit one of the oldest and beautiful monastery of Lamaria (8th century AD) with its frescos and wall paintings. 

Meals (lunch & dinner will be served in local restaurants).

In the evening we will drive back to Mestia for overnight

Day 12 - Mestia - Martvili Canyon - Salkhino

In the morning, guide will drive you to Martvili - a small town in Western Georgia, Samegrelo region.

An route you will sea Enguri Dam - one of the masterpiece of Georgian and not only Georgian scientists.  You will have boat tour on the Dam surface. The surrounding nature and water surface create unique views, which is visible to see from the boat.  

After Enguti Dam experience you will have a pleasant lunch in a local family with wine tasting.

Afterwards, you will visit Martvili Canyons. Here you can enjoy a beauty of the wonder of nature and have a boat trip into the labyrinths of canyon.   

After visiting Canyon, we can go to Village Salkhino to have a little rest in the garden of Prince Dadiani Summer Residence and explore their historical wine cellar. 

Dinner and Overnight in Martvili

Day 13 -  Martvili - Okatse Canyon - Batumi

In the morning guide will drive you to Martvili monastery, on the hill near the town. This architectural complex of 7th century has a huge history and great views on the town.

Then you will continue the way to Okatse Canyon. Okatse waterfalls with their beautiful surroundings and Canyon occupies more than 2 km considered a masterpiece of nature.

You will have a lunch in a traditional restaurant where you will enjoy delicious Imeretian dishes.

After lunch you will be driven towards Batumi

After check in the hotel you will enjoy free evening and a beautiful sunset in the black sea.

Day 14 - Batumi Experience

Batumi - the third largest city of Georgia. Located on the coast of the Black Sea. Here any visitor can enjoy nice walking areas, Long Boulevard, new fashionable and old 19th century buildings and elegant squares which will make you feel in Europe. 

For lunch you will enjoy famous Acharin Khachapuri.

This day you will have Batumi city tour and free time for enjoying swimming at the black sea.  

Dinner & overnight in Batumi

Day 15 - Batumi -Tbilisi

In the morning your guide will drive you to Batumi Botanical Garden, which hosts the collection of more than two thousand tree species. The some of them grows only in the Caucasus, the others were brought from different corners of the world. You will enjoy amazing nature and views to the Black sea.

After visiting Botanical Garden, you will be driven to Tbilisi for dinner & overnight.

Three hours before flight representative of Travel team Georgia will provide your smooth transfer to the airport.

                                                                                                  End of service